​​Light Sport USA Aircraft Sales in Sisters, Oregon features the TL Ultralight line of single engine aircraft. We provide sales, service and warranty work for TL Ultralight aircraft. 

We guarantee the lowest price in the USA for all TL Ultralight aircraft that we feature.

Ready-to-fly Single Engine Aircraft for sale by Light Sport USA

Aircraft byTL Ultralight


TL-Ultralight is one of the largest and most eminent manufacturers of Light Sport Aircraft in the world. As a trendsetter in LSA materials and design, their aircraft have set performance and market class records. Established in 1989, the company enjoys an excellent safety record due to its experience and uncompromising quality.

Are you considering the purchase of a premier, turn-key Light Sport Aircraft? If so, you need to look into one of the TL Ultralight composite aircraft. They are the most efficient and stylish aircraft for personal and commercial use available on the market today. All of the aircraft we sell here at Light Sport U.S.A are unique to design, appearance and safety, whether you choose the Sirius high wing, Sting low wing or the fighter like designed Stream. If you want your aircraft to stand out wherever you go and have pilots talk about the quality and performance of your aircraft, then take a moment and look at the TL Ultralight series of airplanes. With more than 25 years of manufacturing experience of one of the safest, sleek and high quality aircraft available today, you will be impressed with these beautifully designed planes. Be sure to try the hands-on 'design tool' to configure and personalize the aircraft you would like to fly.




The TL-2000 Sting S4 is available in fixed tricycle (LSA) and retractable landing gear (non-LSA) configurations. This superbly-equipped and high performance aircraft makes this low wing LSA an exceptional value.

The new Sirius TL-3000 combines luxury, superior performance, with quality workmanship. The choice of engine power plants, avionic packages and interior options offers you the ability to design an aircraft to fit your specific needs.