• Designed to ASTM 2245-07 Airworthiness Standards
  • Cruises at 120 knots TAS at 5.5 gal/hr
  • Range (nil reserve) 700 nautical miles
  • 4 models of the 4 stroke, four-cylinder Rotax engine designed specifically for the TL Ultralight aircraft to choose from
  • Gentle and predictable stall characteristics with light and responsive controls
  • Stall speed full flaps: 30 KCAS
  • Fully enclosed, ergonomically designed cabin that provides ease of entry and comfort
  • Excellent visibility combined with a rear window
  • Many pilots comment on how quiet the interior is in flight
  • Side-by-side fixed seating with center controls and console mounted throttles for comfort and simplicity
  • Robust tricycle undercarriage with steerable nose wheel and individual wheel hydraulic disc brakes
  • All composite construction for light weight and exceptional strength
  • Wing and power loading's provide high performance and exceptional handling, particularly in turbulence
  • Excellent crosswind handling performance
  • Dual carburetors and dual electronic ignitions for safety
  • Pressure compensating carburetors - no mixture control necessary
  • Ground adjustable propeller
  • Auxiliary electric fuel pump for ease of starting and added redundancy
  • Adjustable ground and in-flight rudder pedals for both pilot and co-pilot paired with comfortable custom seat cushions to accommodate a large range of pilot sizes
  • Gullwing (opens vertically) style entry doors for ease of access
  • Aircraft may be flown with the doors open up to 60 mph, ideal for photography or sightseeing
  • Absolute safety with the Standard equipment GRS 'whole plane' ballistic parachute system

Light Sport USA can assist with the design of your interior and exterior as well as the avionics panel if you desire. In addition to the included abundance of standard equipment, you can choose from a multitude of exterior appearance accents as well as the interior and engine options. These aircraft are without question the Cadillac of LSA airplanes available today and they show it.

Use the TL design tool to choose your exterior vinyl stripe configuration and colors. With six pattern options and a dozen colors to choose from, your plane can reflect your personal style.

With ample cockpit space built for comfort, cabin heating, optional heated seats and more, add-on features can turn your Sirius into a limo that you will not want to leave.


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