The all composite TL 2000/3000 series aircraft continues to be one of top selling light sport aircraft in North America. There are a multitude of options for the pilot to choose from, including avionics, interiors, exterior trim schemes, etc. allowing you to personalize the aircraft to your taste. Unsurpassed comfort, reliability, and quality is what TL Ultralight achieves in every aircraft they offer for sale.

The Sirius has a luxurious, roomy cockpit, which sets a new benchmark in comfort and ergonomics. The TL-3000 provides what every pilot looks for; performance, reliability and economy at a reasonable cost. Flying the Sirius cross country will be something you will look forward to. Click on the links below to see more information on the TL-Ultralight website. TL-Ultralight manufactures the TL 3000 Sirius in both ultralight and LSA versions.