Peace of Mind

    Note: Some standard items listed may be removed when fitting items like glass

    cockpit, only supplied back up instruments are ASI, ALT and fuel pressure.

Manufacturer Support

  • Carbon fiber composite air frame with fixed landing gear, aircraft painted white
  • Engine ROTAX 912UL, 80HP, 4 Cylinders, liquid/air cooled, integrated reduction gear, dual ignition system, throttle control, tubular steel engine mount, six rubber engine mounts, special carburetor brackets, special carburetor drip pans, air filters, oil filter, oil and water coolers, fireproof sleeves on fuel lines on LSA version
  • Propeller 3-blade on-ground adjustable, carbon fiber blades with metal leading edge protection, propeller blade sleeves
  • Magnetic compass, airspeed indicator, altimeter, vertical speed indicator, slip/skid indicator, pitot system, static system, engine RPM gauge, fuel pressure, oil pressure and temperature gauges, CHT gauge, HOBBS hour meter and low voltage warning LED
  • Pilot side differential toe hydraulic disk brakes, in-flight adjustable pedals for pilot and co-pilot, dual flight controls and elevator trim, engine controls - central quadrant with single throttle lever, engine choke, elevator trim control - with indicator, electric flaps with indicator
  • 12 volt 11 amp battery, switches, 2x 12volt sockets, CB switches on the overhead panel
  • Standard 80 liters capacity, 40 liters stored in each wing, engine driven fuel pump, fuel sampling quick drain, inside the cabin visual fuel gauge, fuel selector, gasculator
  • Comfortable sport seats with 3-point safety harnesses for the pilot and co-pilot, wall to wall carpeting, locking door system, two rotating vent windows, front vent window controlled from cabin, large luggage compartment with cargo net, full air frame parachute recovery system LSA version
  • Locking door with key on pilot and co-pilot sides, large rear window, steerable nose wheel and main wheels 4.00-6, aerodynamic carbon fiber wheel covers, tie down rings on both wings and rear of the fuselage, tow bar for maneuvering on the ground

TL-3000 Standard Equipment List

Standard Equipment

In the unlikely event it should ever be needed, every Sting and Sirius is fitted with the industry-leading whole-plane parachute by Galaxy High Technology. When activated by the pilot, the chute powers cleanly away from the aircraft and rapidly deploys, making rescue possible even at low altitudes. This whole-plane parachute recovery system is the ultimate safety backup for airplane, passenger and pilot.

Manufacturer's warranty on aircraft for 12 months or 100 flying hours, pilot operating and maintenance manual, pilot log book, aircraft log book and illustrated spare part catalog.